2013 2014 california drought

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2014 California wildfires

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2011–2017 California drought

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From The Ground Up: California’s Drought Prompts Sweeping Groundwater Legislation

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Dangerous Winter Travel Conditions from the Midwest to the Great Lakes

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California drought: no relief in sight InCalifornia saw a greater number of wildfires compared to the average, but fewer acres burned than average.

3 Feb Nevada. California Drought: Historical Perspective On January 17,California State Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought state of emergency.

On April 2,Governor Brown lifted the drought emergency, but declared that California must continue water conservation efforts. Progression of the drought from December to July The period between late and was the driest in California history since record-keeping began.

[42] In Maya state resident poll conducted by Field Poll found that two out of three respondents agreed that it should be mandated for water agencies to reduce water consumption by 25%.

Scientists agree that the immediate cause of the California drought is a particularly stubborn "blocking ridge" over the northeastern Pacific -- popularly known as the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge.

5 Facts You Need to Know about the California Drought

California & Drought Gary Bardini Deputy Director CA Department of Water Resources July for water suppliers and users to plan for a dry and to be ready to implement conservation measures Item 8a California and Droughts pptx [Read-Only].

Abstract California has experienced severe drought in (which appears to be continuing into ), with especially low winter precipitation and mountain snowpack in winter However, the extent to which climate change is implicated in the drought, if at all, is not clear.

2013 2014 california drought
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