Anatomical characterization of impatiens walleriana

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Growth and Acclimation of Impatiens, Salvia, Petunia, and Tomato Seedlings to Blue and Red Light

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Anatomical Characterization Of Impatiens Walleriana Essay

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Anatomical Characterization Of Impatiens Walleriana

Hybrids, typically derived from busy lizzie (I. walleriana) and New Guinea impatiens (I. hawkeri), have commercial importance as garden plants.


Busy Lizzie Plants, Impatiens walleriana – How to Care + Propagation

walleriana is native to East Africa, and yielded 'Elfin' series of cultivars, which. Impatiens walleriana may be the most popular garden annual in the world but there are the little known variegates that are hardly known at all. These little gems are actually genetic mutants, and like many other variegated plants in the garden world they are often sports or offshoots of the plain green forms.

Impatiens Walleriana Tempo (series) A further variation of the plant is the Tempo variation. This Impatiens Walleriana grows particularly bushy and gets up until 25 centimeters high.

ABSTRACTThe purpose of this study was to evaluate the remediation potential and disturbance response indicators of Impatiens walleriana exposed to benzene and chromium. Numerous studies over the years have found abundant evidence of the carcinogenicity of benzene and chromium (VI) in humans.

Benzene and chromium are two toxic industrial chemicals commonly found together at contaminated. walleriana showed a stomatal density of /mm 2 in the control group and of /mm 2 in the contaminated soil group. This variation in the stomatal density is attributed to a reduction in leaf area caused by lower water availability.

Impatiens, salvia, tomato, and petunia had 33% to 44%, 28% to 46%, 51% to %, and 47% to % greater concentration of chlorophyll under fluorescent lamps, respectively, than plants under all other treatments except impatiens under treatment R

Anatomical characterization of impatiens walleriana
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