Child birth stages

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Normal Labor and Delivery Process

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4 Cognitive Stages for Child Development

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Stages of Labor

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What are children capable of learning at various stages in their development? How do children develop the intellectual skills to react and interact with their environment?

The moment of birth signals the end of nine months of development and anticipation. Of course, it is also called a neonate, and parents will go home to begin their new life together.

Childbirth: The Stages of Delivery

First however the staff at the hospital or birthing center must make sure the new family gets off to a good start. Join Michael Linares, RN as he breaks down the stages of labor.

Effacement and dilation of cervix - longest stage. Expulsion of fetus - Cervical dilation is complete. Separation of placenta - Placental separation and expulsion occurs.

Physical recovery - 1 to 4 hours after delivery. Online support and hundreds of articles for parents of preemies, focus on special needs of preemies and older preemies.

Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby boy

Childbirth: The Stages of Delivery. It's perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous about giving birth, but knowing what to expect during each stage can make delivery go that much smoother.

Child birth stages
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Childbirth: The Stages of Delivery