Fdi in pakistan telecom sector

Pakistan’s Telecom sector received $92 million Foreign Direct Investment between July-August

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FDI in Pakistan Telecom Sector

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FDI in Pakistan Telecom Sector

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IT & Telecom

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Content service providers, Banks and Telecom operators are eager to introduce latest technologies like mobile banking and other 3G services in Pakistan (Telecom sector remains a potential window for FDI,Malik et al., ).

Pakistan’s telecom sector is strengthening by leaps and bounds and the recent figure for the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the sector is further proof of that.

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Pakistan’s fiscal. To critical analyze the foreign direct investment in Pakistan telecom sector and its affect on economy growth. We will also look some risk associate with this foreign direct investment. This study will help for new foreign investors.

To reflective what are the factors, which attract foreign investor into telecom sector in Pakistan and its impacts on Pakistan economy? PHD Proposal to Cardiff metro Politian University Saif Ur Rehman Introduction: This work is only done for the Admission in PHD.

This proposal is conduct only for the aim of PHD. Pakistan telecom sector is very developing and flourishing industry (Union, ). This sector was very developed in the regime of ex president of Pakistan Pervaiz.

On Monday State Bank of Pakistan announced figures which clearly shows that FY18 has a very good start. According to it telecom sector has received an FDI of $ million during July and August.

Fdi in pakistan telecom sector
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