Lhoang memories

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Everyone has a story to tell.

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LHoang Memories

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LHoang Memories Paper

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Columnist Ellen Whyte first met Kira the Retriever, her mum’s neighbour, seven years ago. She was just a pup back then.

On a recent holiday to visit her mum in Spain, Ellen wondered if the dog would remember her. To drive by the Brockton, MA plant recently and to see it demolished (except for the freezer), was really sad. Many many memories. For the first time, a new study has pinpointed how the brain encodes scent-based memories linked to a specific time and place from the past.

Christmas time. A stuffing of Turkey. A blanket of snow. A slice of Christmas pudding.

Memories of Christmas Paper

A stocking of presents. A pine smell of the tree. A rustling of wrapping paper. An annoyance of carol singers. A clanging of cutlery. A gathering of those close to you. I remember the. Telling your story capturing your day preserving your memories.

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Order now The Wooden House (1 ) The back door is the perfect way to get into the main wooden house when our parents lock the door prior to leaving for the city.

Lhoang memories
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