Mary magdalene project

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St Mary Mags Open Day

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Mary Magdalene

Here's a sample of our service opportunities:. Dr. Marcela Zapata-Meza introduces readers to the excavations at Magdala, a first-century C.E.

Mary Magdalene: 5 Things You Should Know

fishing village and the hometown of Mary Magdalene in the Bible. Get directions, reviews and information for The Mary Magdalene Project in Van Nuys, jkaireland.comon: Haskell Ave SteVan Nuys, CA “Mary Magdalene is a strong character, who was so unique in her time, and her story will give audiences a chance to experience the cultural turbulence, human passions, and devotional beliefs.

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Double your donations with Matching Gifts. Thirty Five Years of Service. We fight for the freedom and survival of those whose lives have been destroyed by sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Los Angeles. The same ministry that created the Jesus Film – the most translated film in history – has begun distributing in the United States a new film about Jesus that is told through the eyes of Mary Magdalena, the Jesus Film Project announced this week.

Mary magdalene project
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