Moskel consulting and copywriting a book

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7 Principles of Effective Sales Copy

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Become a copywriting consultant

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Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

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google ad words

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Keystone College encourages civility, integrity and curiosity through a comprehensive liberal arts education. Long recognized as one of the most environmentally responsible institutions of higher learning in the nation, Keystone is committed to environmental stewardship.

Thank you for sharing this quick primer on a confusing, often complicated, topic for many authors and self-publishers.

Reading this post and comments saved me some time – and potential headaches. $1,/page $/page $/page Book jacket copywriting $ $40 $71 $ $ $ $1/word 50¢/word 75¢/word Campaign development $ $50 $89 $8, $1, $4, n/a n/a n/a. Copywriting and Marketing Consulting - B2B and Blockchain copywriter and Micro-influencer, Derek Little provides copywriting and marketing consulting services.

Unlike other direct mail marketing books on the shelf that specialize in one aspect of preparing a campaign such as copywriting or design, this comprehensive solution covers all — the organizational, technical, and creative including designing, budgeting, tracking, and assessing effectiveness.

I am pleased to share my experience in working with Julie Moore at Conservation Copywriting Services.I have known Julie for some time, and have recently begun working with her and her services.

Moskel consulting and copywriting a book
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