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Afterwards, this part was then revised and thus giving birth to the MPEG-4 part 14 which is the MP4 file format.

thank you, the video was taken from a screen recording of a mobile phone and thats why the dimentions are transposed. does this mean i cant output any change i made to the original video to a MP4 file?

To achieve better video reader performance on Windows for MP4 and MOV files, MATLAB uses the system’s graphics hardware for decoding.

However, in some cases using the graphics card for decoding can result in poorer performance depending on the specific graphics hardware on the system. Every time I found a quick and dirty solution (such as creating files and then convert them jkaireland.com4 using third party applications).

But it would be great to be able to jkaireland.com4 files that include audio directly using MATLAB. I need to get an mpeg4 file to use in another application, from an original mpeg4 video I loaded into matlab and edited (frame by frame).

To do so, I tried using VideoWriter, setting the quality to. AVI or MPEG-4 files with RGB24 video 'RGB24' AVI files with indexed video 'Indexed' AVI files with grayscale video 'Grayscale' Motion JPEG files, have one of the following VideoFormat values.


Format of Image Data Run the command by entering it in the MATLAB Command Window.

Mp4 matlab
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