Nasal polyps

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What You Need to Know About Polyps

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Nasal polyps

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Nasal polyp

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Nasal Polyps

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The mucosa is a very wet layer that helps protect the inside of your nose and sinuses and humidifies the air you breathe. Signs and symptoms.

Symptoms of polyps include nasal congestion, sinusitis, loss of smell, thick nasal discharge, facial pressure, nasal speech, and mouth breathing. Recurrent sinusitis can result from polyps. Long-term, nasal polyps can cause destruction of the nasal bones and widening of the nose.

Nasal polyp

Nasal polyps are small, tear-shaped growths in the nasal passages or sinuses. They are not cancerous but can cause a lot of discomfort and make it difficult or even impossible to breathe through your nose. Nasal polyps are generally soft pearly gray, non-cancerous growths found on the linings of the nasal passages and sinuses cavities.

All about nasal polyps

Nasal Polyps usually grow in response to irritated or damaged mucus and nasal membrane linings. Nasal polyps are noncancerous growths that are caused by long-term swelling of the inside of your nose.

The swelling may be caused by allergies, or repeated nasal or sinus infections. Polyps usually occur in both sides of your nose. They can grow in size and number and cause your nasal tissue and. Nasal polyps are fleshy, non-cancerous (benign) swellings that grow inside the nose or sinuses.

The most common symptoms they cause are a stuffy, runny nose. Steroid nasal drops are .

Nasal polyps
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