Precambrian to cambrian

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The Precambrian

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Precambrian-Cambrian transition

The basin shallowed scoop-fashion nevertheless, but the easiest part was about where the Essay Peninsula is now. Plenum Apparatus,; and S. Precambrian definition, noting or pertaining to the earliest era of earth history, ending million years ago, during which the earth's crust formed and life first appeared in the seas.

See more. The Cambrian Period is the first geological time period of the Paleozoic Era (the “time of ancient life”). This period lasted about 53 million years and marked a.

In Cambrian Period: Fossil record of the Precambrian-Cambrian transition. The preservation of the record of the Precambrian-Cambrian transition was significantly affected by global changes in sea level.

Precambrian time

During latest Precambrian time, the sea level was relatively low, resulting in spatially restricted oceans and expanded continents. The Cambrian period, part of the Paleozoic era, produced the most intense burst of evolution ever known.


The Cambrian Explosion saw an incredible diversity of life emerge, including many major. The Precambrian is the earliest of the geologic ages, which are marked by different layers of sedimentary rock.

Laid down over millions of years, these rock layers contain a permanent record of. THE PRECAMBRIAN ERA The Precambrian Era. The name means: "before the Cambrian period." This old, but still common term was originally used to refer to the whole period of earth's history before the formation of the .

Precambrian to cambrian
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Precambrian Era