Robert nardelli leadership style

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Nardelli out at Home Depot

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Leadership Analysis Of Robert Nardelli

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Leadership style Robert Nardelli

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Out at Home Depot

Jan 09,  · In the end, the boardroom battle at Home Depot came down to headstrong CEO Robert Nardelli's refusal to accept even a symbolic reduction in his stock package. Nardelli’s leadership style side stepped the situational and contingency theories as he was not the touchy-feely type, open to evolving from task oriented to relationship oriented tactics.

He either was unable or unwilling to adapt and match his leadership characteristics to. Nardelli’s leadership style can be described as being “task oriented”, “directive” and “autonomous” and “autocratic”.

Out at Home Depot

Let us analyze his style when he was the CEO in Home Depot. His tenure at the company was marked with heavy-handedness and inflexibility. Leadership style of Robert Nardelli Robert Nardelli lost offer of succession to GE CEO (Jack Welch) and was immediately tapped by Ken Langone to take the CEO position at Home Depot, and took a.

BOB NARDELLI LEADERSHIP 2 Bob Nardelli became CEO of Home Depot in departing ways with the company in Nardelli had a unique way of leading the company; in my opinion, his style of leadership was somewhat similar to ruling with an iron fist. Nonetheless, his style seemed to get the job jkaireland.comli syle involved being a firm but fairleader; he took a more directive approach.

Robert nardelli leadership style
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